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Full Service For Just £50!

November 17, 2016

With rain and frost coming and wet leaves on the ground, getting around by bike through the winter can be difficult. Throw in rusted cables, and worn brake blocks and your new bike suddenly stops being the perfect ride you bought home. That's why we are now offering our full service, usually £80, for just £50 when pre booked through our workshop. 

For just £50, your bike will receive;

General bike service with drivetrain degrease

-Inspect bike prior to service

-Advise you on the outcome

-Drivetrain removed and degreased

-Wheels removed, wiped down

-Bike frame wiped down

-Wheels trued

-Drivetrain and wheels refitted

-Chain oiled and wiped

-Tyres inflated

-Set torque on all bolts and fittings

-Adjust gears

-Adjust brakes

-Polish bike 

-Attach service report to bike

Please note that all parts required are additional extras. 

This offer is only available until January 2017 and space is limited, so make sure you book your slot by contacting us on 020 7531 1815, email us info@giant-docklands.co.uk or pop in store and speak to a member of staff.